In ApliCAD we have since our inception in 1997 with a powerful Cadastre department, sector in which we have a wide and proven experience.

Currently we have solutions to address the needs of municipalities and companies that have entered into agreements with land and for this we have ApliCADGIS Suite Cadastral, which is an integrated graphical and alphanumeric cadastral edition with over 15 years of implementation in the field of system cadastral management.

ApliCADGIS Cadastral Suite it consists of the following modules:

  • ApliCAD DigCU1: Development of geo-referenced cadastral sketch of urban and rustic in FX-CC format.
  • ApliCAD FIN2006: Database designed to maintain, check and manage cadastral data of real estate urban and rural (FIN-DGC).
  • ApliCAD Urbana y ApliCAD Rustica: Modules for maintaining cadastral mapping in FICC format integrated with the database of FIN-DGC (FIN2006). Generates reports crosses FIN2006 and massive export of parcelarios FX-CC format.

To address Regularization Cadastral work currently being undertaken in the field of SEGIPSA and DGC have the following modules:

  • ApliCAD CARTO: Cadastral in SHP format integrated with the database FIN-DGC (FIN2006) parcelarios.
  • ApliCAD RCAT: Database for Cadastral regularization work.
  • ApliCAD IEC: Database for the exchange of cadastral records with SEGIPSA.


The objective from this area of the company is to provide the tools, but also provide users of our applications knowledge needed to optimize the management of the different modules of ApliCADGIS. In this line, our products are well documented with practical guides and tutorials, and impart specialized courses in these subjects tailored to their needs.

We have a specialized technical team that supports users Cadastral Area at any time that need it, supporting the work they perform and by solving any incidents that may be found in the development of these.


Our applications can be downloaded and tested without compromise and at the time of evaluation of the product may have the assistance of a technician from the company if required.

Cadastre News

2205, 2018

New Catalogs for ApliCAD Interior Mayo

During the month of May and until today, the content generation department of ApliCAD Interior has been working to incorporate new catalogs and update some of the existing ones.   [...]

705, 2018

Complete update of the catalog of DUNE Cerámica

ApliCAD has completely updated the DUNE CERAMICA manufacturer's library for use in ApliCAD Interior. If you have an Active Subscription, you can download the library in the ApliCAD download area and [...]

1203, 2018

Complete update of the APAVISA Ceramic catalog

ApliCAD has completely updated the library of the manufacturer APAVISA CERAMICA for its use in ApliCAD Interior. If you have an Active Subscription, you can download the library in the ApliCAD [...]

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Here you can see several solutions developed by ApliCAD using Open Source tools based on MapGuide. The data of each of the projects are outdated and should only serve as diffusion material ApliCAD capabilities for developing customized solutions.

Publication of the PGOU

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Systems to suit customer needs.

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