GIS Solutions
GIS SolutionsMultiple development projects with GIS Technology
The GIS department ApliCAD specializes in analysis, development and implementation of projects and GIS solutions.
We have extensive and demonstrable experience that supports us since 1997. Our projects range from the development of custom applications for desktop environments and mobile devices, to own and commercial software as well as technical training and consulting firm specializing in business and public administration.
CadastreComplete Cadastral Solutions
In ApliCAD we have since our inception in 1997 with a powerful Cadastre department, sector in which we have a wide and proven experience.
Currently we have solutions to address the needs of municipalities and companies that have entered into agreements with land and for this we have ApliCADGIS Suite Cadastral, which is an integrated graphical and alphanumeric cadastral edition with over 15 years of implementation in the field of system cadastral management.
Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Architecture, Engineering and ConstructionSolutions to the AEC
ApliCAD has developed since its inception in 1997 with multiple applications based on Autodesk products have been applied in the areas of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.
In recent years, ApliCAD has specialized in programming based on Autodesk Revit, which is the product in BIM technology is called to produce a major change in the way projects are managed Construction and Engineering.
InteriorInterior solutions and Configurators Graphics
Within the areas of ApliCAD, we have experience in solutions for the interior design sector.

To help with this we have business solutions oriented reforms companies where the ceramic sector is well represented with Interior ApliCAD program area.

ERP connection
ERP connectionWe connect the Technical Office with ERP
ApliCAD has developed several integrations between ERP systems and various graphical tools used in technical offices.

Among these different integrations we can emphasize the connection with Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and other similar ERP.

For more information about how ApliCAD can help you be more productive in your business, contact us and we will be happy to provide the experience of over 18 years in systems integration.

IT Services
IT ServicesCreate and maintain WordPress Services
ApliCAD has developed services implementation and integration of Web systems based on WordPress.

The services offered include ApliCAD all related Web systems and support domain name, hosting and advanced email services.

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