Consultoría Tecnológica

ApliCAD advises you on the most suitable solutions for your company.

Because each client is different in ApliCAD we strive to understand your business in order to determine the solution that best suits your technological needs.

ApliCAD offers services that add value to your products. Today users are not looking for a specific program that facilitates their work, but a global solution to their needs. That is why the differential value of ApliCAD is its ability to adapt commercial programs to the way the user works.

Aware of current user needs, ApliCAD offers all the necessary tools to carry out its projects, offering its clients consultancy and consulting services as well as permanent training and support with which its clients obtain a better Use of the tools and solutions acquired.

Faced with such a competitive market, where there are few differences between products, it is not enough to offer a good product, one of the most important differentiating aspects is knowing how to offer a quality service.

Projects News

1601, 2017

ApliCAD 20 years

In January of 1997 it was created ApliCAD - APLICACIONES DE CAD CAM Y GIS, S.L. From a group of professionals in graphic systems and with a clear component of development [...]

111, 2016


ApliCAD FORGE Project ApliCAD has developed a viewing platform for this file using the Forge technology developed by Autodesk. This platform allows any user to upload files of most existing 3D formats on a web [...]

712, 2015

Autodesk Revit Projects

ApliCAD has developed different applications based on Autodesk Revit and exploiting the power that new technologies are implemented BIM in various sectors. Among these works we can highlight the export program from Autodesk Revit to [...]

712, 2015

Madersenia – Autodesk Inventor programming

ApliCAD has developed an adapted Madersenia Project Manager (Gesproy) version and has solved the following issues: MADERSENIA is a company located in La Senia (Tarragona) furniture manufacturer and a very large presence in the [...]

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