ApliCAD has developed a very broad set of specific solutions for clients, which in many cases is the only way to obtain the results desired by the client. These projects are called Turnkey Programming. 

Specific Sectors


A set of applications have been developed on AutoCAD MAP and MapGuide Open Source that solve, among others, the territorial management of municipalities.


ApliCAD has developed customized projects for different manufacturers of Ceramic Materials, the most outstanding being the development carried out for Porcelanosa Grupo called PorsaCAD.


One of the characteristics that best define Autodesk is the possibility of making development tools that complement their products, this reason being one of the keys to ApliCAD’s work.


ApliCAD has developed software for the design of wardrobes in recent years. These software have been developed at the request of manufacturers who have deemed it necessary to tailor programming to meet their needs.

In LABS you can find projects under development in which ApliCAD is working.

In some of them, the need comes from requests from our customers and others from the need to be in constant research.

Some of these LABS become projects, commercial products or serve to analyze the feasibility of some of the technologies we are investigating. In this way, we check if they can be adjusted to the needs of our customers.

If any of these prototypes are of interest to you, or if you are interested in contributing your own ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of our clients