ApliCAD DWGExplorer – Explore

By clicking on the browse button, we will perform an analysis of the content of the drawing and it will show us the results

The results of the analysis are displayed in a table to make it easier to search and find the various entities that the drawing contains.

By clicking on the green part of the results table, we reduce and enlarge its size, which allows us to better observe the drawing itself

At the bottom of the results table we can see the computation of the entities found in the drawing, the filtered entities and the selected entities.

Each of the columns of the table has a drop-down selector that allows us to apply a filter for the values ​​of that column. In the selector we can write any free text with which to perform a dynamic filter as the list of options is written or display


Among the filtering options that we find in the drop-down selector, we have a list of all the possible values, based on the values ​​of the entities found. We also have 3 predefined options that we describe in more detail.

When you double-click in a row, AutoCAD seek the object and zoom it.