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Designed by ApliCAD, the product ApliCAD Interior has the necessary tools for creating virtual environments, enabling integration of any bookstore ceramic, wood, marble … and additional items, such as furniture, decorative objects, etc.


The ease of use and speed in obtaining results have been key points in the development of ApliCAD Interior. In this sense, the user of the program has a series of very intuitive, such as the wizard placement, automatic calculation of material, control areas or 3D rendering in real time expediting largely project creation tools , thus achieving greater sales effectiveness.

The system makes available to multicatálogo same environment of materials from different manufacturers. There are currently more than 50 active catalogs, making it possible to create own catalogs by the user in a simple way, from images in .jpg format.

Designed for use of libraries manufacturers outlets, ApliCAD Interior represents a fundamental advance in the decisiveness of customers.

Interior ApliCAD has been developed specifically for stores, manufacturers of coating materials and interior designers, giving them a tool that brings greater efficiency to the company.

ApliCAD Interior is an integrated design solution stays. Allows the placement of floor and wall tiles in an easy way for the user, being possible to see in real time how the placement chosen, in addition to put constructive objects in the room such as doors, windows and furniture models to give to it it is more realistic appearance.

In addition, ApliCAD Interior provides the best compatibility for those wishing to obtain a high quality image, or even a video for this ApliCAD Interior, can be integrated with Autodesk 3DS Max.

Immediate Productivity

Learning time in using ApliCAD Interior is minimal, since the 2D concept applied to stays defined by the program allows, at all times, management areas easily and instantly. To get a quality dynamic 3D representation by simply pressing a button.

Increased efficiency

The program features allow information on the geometry of the stay independent of the applied material, which facilitates the reuse of the designs.

When the client chooses an environment created, just change its geometry to fit the actual specifications. The material automatically adapts to the new room.

The simplicity and flexibility of the program allows to achieve high-quality results with incredible speed.

Among other things, Interior ApliCAD the user can:

  • The actual drawing of the plant of stay, being possible to include curved walls and sloping ceilings.
  • Place floor and wall easily to the user, being possible to see in real time how the placement is chosen.
  • Place constructive objects in the room, such as: doors, windows, light walls, etc …
  • Real-time change the material of each of the placements also getting the computation of material used.
  • Get dimensional drawings of placements of material for each of the floors and walls.
  • Placing complementary 3D design objects, such as: sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc …
  • Working with multiple catalogs of manufacturers, and even create their own catalog.
  • Place lights in the room, and get a picture realistic 3D environment, making it possible to go on a real time stay and get quality images in .jpg format to send to the client, along with the budget.

ApliCAD Interior –Prices

It is sold in form of rental, including in it the technical support and new releases.

Access to the store, and from € 74.16 per month (*) buy ApliCAD Interior.

(*) annual rental licensing, tax not included

There is the option of Permanent License + Subscription Service.

Refer to the On-Line ApliCAD store.


Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional 32 or 64 bit or higher

Recommended Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 CPU or higher

4 GB RAM minimum

Graphic card

Graphic card NVidia or ATI Shader Model 3.0 Shader Model 4.0

(NVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon 4870 or higher)

with at least 1GB of dedicated memory.


ApliCAD Perú
Lima – Santiago de Surcoe-mail: peru@aplicad.com


Phone: (004) 0723 199 122
e-mail: admin@3d-ceramic.ro


Simply Tiles
3968 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance, CA 90505
e-mail: aplicad@aplicad.com

Video of how to create a complete project using ApliCAD Interior – In Spanish

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