Use high-quality images by computer using Autodesk 3DS Max as a basis for modifying the finishes of different materials that the customer wants to promote on their website or in their application for iPad created.


You can test the system

Models created in this website are a demonstration of the possibilities of the system created by ApliCAD.

Available for all platforms in a single process

When information is published and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
With a single customization process, is also available for Apple iPad.

Easy maintenance

The graphic file format is Autodesk 3DS Max, so we have a common tool in technical offices, which is already a tool used for the production of photorealistic images.
the Mental Ray rendering engine included in 3DS Max can be used, or use V-Ray

Dynamic change materials

When the image quality is generated, the manufacturer defines which areas of the scene can be changed and range of materials that can perform the simulation. These materials are defined by simple rules, can be defined incompatibilities, ie we can make it with a type of material in the seat of the chair, the back should be the same, or let choose from a range of possible finishes.

Usage statistics

Each time the user accesses the system using the web browser, using Google Analitycs can obtain statistical information. Additionally, when the user requests a report. We have information including e-mail, as well as the materials used in its configuration.

Creating the scene.

The treatment of the scene is done with Autodesk 3DS Max, assigning fixed and variable materials and establishing the rules for use of each of them, creating a single render high quality still necessary to verify that the result is desired.

This work can be done externally, ie can arrange to ApliCAD, or select an outside professional to follow the rules defined by ApliCAD for generating and coding of the scene.

Scene content.

The scene can be any item that want to promote, for example, a manufacturer of kitchen countertops should generate a scene so that your materials are displayed realistically and it is also important to define other modifiable elements such as flooring material and walls, as the end customer must use the most suitable combination to your needs and therefore must combine elements other than the counter itself.

Processing the scene.

Once the client has developed a render high quality and the result is satosfactorio, provide file ApliCAD the scene and information of variable materials with the right quality.

ApliCAD process the information and generates the output file.

Publication of the scene.

Once the scene is processed, ApliCAD publish it in the interface developed for the manufacturer in a subdomain of your website such as:

This will be the result available to all Internet users also reports statistics obtaining access.

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