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ApliCAD 360 is a module ApliCAD ON-Line Showcase solution, providing in this case the possibility of a 360 degree view, which allowed the exchange of materials and finishes.

This application is mainly oriented to the real estate sector, so that a complete project on housing, the user can easily modify the different materials such as soil, and other parts of the rooms.

Using this tool facilitates decision-making at any time and the only need for a browser with Internet connection.


Available for all platforms in a single process

When information is published and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
With a single customization process, is also available for Apple iPad.

Easy maintenance

The graphic file format is Autodesk 3DS Max, so we have a common tool in technical offices, which is already a tool used for the production of photorealistic images.
the Mental Ray rendering engine included in 3DS Max can be used, or use V-Ray

Dynamic change materials

When the image quality is generated, the manufacturer defines which areas of the scene can be changed and range of materials that can perform the simulation. These materials are defined by simple rules, can be defined incompatibilities, ie we can make it with a type of material in the seat of the chair, the back should be the same, or let choose from a range of possible finishes.

Usage statistics

Each time the user accesses the system using the web browser, using Google Analitycs can obtain statistical information. Additionally, when the user requests a report. We have information including e-mail, as well as the materials used in its configuration.


Model developed in collaboration with Archincloud, click the image to access the model 360

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