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ApliCADGIS e.CARTO web server is a general-purpose maps developed on MapGuide Open Source enables automatic publishing to the web of the projects with ApliCAD CARTO


ApliCADGIS e.CARTO allows you to communicate your GIS projects with ease and skill, publishing directly to the web in four easy steps for viewing and consultation with Internet Explorer.

ApliCADGIS e.CARTO maintains the structure and the original appearance of their sets mapasorganizados in series and cartographic issues and allows scale ranges apply for activation and automatic display.

ApliCADGIS e.CARTO automatic search tools incorporates text, place names, and attributes of graphic objects, as well as search by street address and number of cadastral mapping.

ApliCAD eCARTO – Prices

This product is integrated into a project and its price depends on the level of integration that requires the client.

New Catalogs for ApliCAD Interior Mayo

May 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

During the month of May and until today, the content generation department of ApliCAD Interior has been working to incorporate new catalogs and update some of the existing ones.   [...]