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ApliCAD presents the plug-in information exchange between Autodesk REVIT and HULC.

The emergence of the Technical Building Code CTE has been known as one of the most important changes in recent years and reinforces the need for any kind of activity so that it is respectful of the environment.

This product is available in Spanish for use in AEC projects.

As can be seen on the website http://www.codigotecnico.org

”De acuerdo con la Nota informativa sobre Procedimiento para la Certificación de Eficiencia Energética, desde el 14 de enero de 2016, sólo serán admitidos por los Registros de las Comunidades Autónomas los certificados de eficiencia energética realizados con la versión 20151113 (0.9.1431.1016) de la Herramienta Unificada HULC-CALENER (HULC) o posterior. Igualmente, desde el 14 de enero de 2016, las verificaciones de CTE deberán realizarse con la versión 0.9.1431.1016 o posterior de la Herramienta Unificada.

Use of this plugin is the easiest way to get certified building designed with Autodesk REVIT.


ApliCAD has developed in recent years the Export plugin Autodesk Revit to LIDER, so with regulatory changes and appearance of HULC program is necessary to adapt the plugin export to the new application.

With ApliCAD CTE HULC becomes easier the tedious task of drawing the geometry and assign materials to the different layers of architectural solutions of any building.

revit-architecture-2016-badge-128pxAs drawn in Autodesk Revit, the solution of the various meetings, collaboration with other departments of the Office, or just the simple fact of functions such as Undo make the process of building energy certification easier.

Even in cases where the case of an energy certification of an existing building, it is easier to “create” the building in Revit to pass to calculate HULC.

  • It is installed on Autodesk REVIT and a new menu called ApliCAD CTE, which contains the necessary buttons to work with the application appears.


  • From the Autodesk REVIT environment you can access the database itself HULC materials, so that the system is transparent to the user and allows the consultation of orginales HULC materials.
  • the relationship between Autodesk REVIT materials and of HULC, so that can be stored in the template REVIT the relationships necessary to work directly with building elements that already have the info of HULC is once performed.
  • During the export process, the valid system geometric architectural model information is correct and that you have all the information needed to perform the analysis in HULC.
  • The resulting file is a file in the proper format HULC. Archicad is this which we must open the HULC program.
  • Este Plug-In es compatible con la versión 2016 y 2017 de Autodesk REVIT.


ApliCAD CTE HULC – Prices

It is sold in form of rental, including in it the technical support and new releases resulting from regulatory changes or version of Autodesk necessary.

It needs to have Autodesk Revit 2016 0 2017 for operation.

Access to the store, and from € 41.25 per month (*) user is ApliCAD CTE HULC

(*) annual rental licensing.

ApliCAD has agreements with training centers that allow the best tools available to get the best return on investment in the use of our programs.
The authorized training centers have the latest releases of our programs and are constantly trained by ApliCAD staff.
In ApliCAD CTE HULC these centers are:

ON-LINE Formation has reached an agreement with EspacioBIM, so that ApliCAD has been actively involved in preparing the content of the e-learning course ApliCAD CTE HULC, de Revit® a LIDER CALENER.


In Classroom Training ApliCAD HULC CTE may form in:


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