The management of digital information is increasingly a challenge for the Technical Offices.

Docutec easily meets the necessary requirements in the Technical Offices. The cycle of product development to its placing on the market every day faster and, although this may be a competitive advantage on its way may be the biggest obstacle, manual processes involved in information processing.

Make information available to all users involved in the development cycle of a product, ensure the use of proper review, and to do this without using complex tools are steps to take to lead the market in the coming years . At present the flow of digital information design is the best value of companies.
Knowing where the information within the local network is and be sure what the latest revision of the document, make it essential to use tools to facilitate this work.

Docutec has been developed to keep files in a secure repository and the database as a tool for information management, namely the lifecycle of each file.

Maintain a single database with file information and be able to have more than one store files makes working with large files is one of the best features of Docutec, together with optimizing bandwidth communication with system users.



Documents stored in Docutec, have a control in the database, so that when a user requests a document, it first looks at the nearest location, and if you do not have an exact copy of that file requests the server to send a copy of it, thus optimizing the bandwidth consumed by the application.

Each of the actions on the files is reflected in the database, this information for further searches and other actions to be taken with the files.

Documents can have workflow, allowing you to set file paths depending on parameters such as cost, project phase, caller, etc …


Example lifecycle of a document.

The main features of Docutec are:

  • Client-server architecture
  • Management of all types of files
  • hierarchical organization of documents in folders
  • Ability to share documents between folders
  • Control access to documents and folders based on access lists
  • Custom life cycles for documents
  • Change history and versioning and reviews
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Labeling the current status of a folder and its contents for later retrieval.
  • Document templates and folders.
  • Recycle Bin.
  • Support for multiple portfolios.
  • Dependency management between documents.
  • Automatic extraction units for AutoCAD and Inventor drawings analyzing their external references.
  • Automatic extraction of the thumbnail (thumbnail) documents.
  • Custom documents properties.
  • Location documents using advanced search, and can save and share searches for quick location of documents.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook), AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.
  • Development API
DOCUTEC – Prices


It is sold in rental mode or Corporate License.

Typically, an integration is required in the Technical Office client with other departments. Contact ApliCAD for a proper assessment.