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Project Description

  • IDE – I-DIVISION ELECTRICA is a domestic manufacturer of electrical cabinets and other products, which requires a tool to present their offers.
  • ApliCAD has developed a 2D graphics engine that provides very fast and does not depend on third parties, so there is no economic cost of license, so that IDE can distribute freely between their business and customers.
  • Thus, the aim has been to create a drawing tool that easily allows placed in a drawing all those elements that want to sell to the customer, including those accessory items that even if IDE does not manufacture or sell, if needed for the process design and ensure that the chosen wardrobe meets the appropriate dimensions for the project.
  • As a drawing tool oriented commercial staff, it has generated an interface very simple and intuitive 2D use as well as a management tool of the economic proposal which greatly facilitates the work of the business, being possible to set the offer in the presence the client’s.
  • Currently the project is obtained, the planes of the cabinets with all its elements, and a list of materials with their respective prices. At any time we can incorporate more elements to any project or we can use a previous project as the basis for a new one, being possible to modify the price list associated with each of the projects of the options chosen.

Project Details