AZTECA CERAMICA available for ApliCAD UpdateBIM
Part of the ceramic manufacturer’s catalog is now available for use with ApliCAD UpdateBIM, in this way, any Autodesk Revit user has the information on AZTECA CERAMICA products within any Autodesk Revit project through the use of the free ApliCAD UpdateBIM Plugin.

Azteca’s commitment to providing its clients and prescribers with its products in BIM format is a reality and this system allows the user to decide in a simple and direct way which Azteca product they wish to place in their projects.

ApliCAD UpdateBIM allows you to easily place the ceramic material with a single click on the surface where you want to position it, facilitating the work of the design team. On the other hand, directly, the construction solution already has the parameters of the material for its use in the memory of qualities and other information that can be obtained from a BIM system.

For more information, you can contact ApliCAD at the email

You can also directly download the plugin using the following link: Download ApliCAD UpdateBIM

The use of the Plugin is free and the AZTECA CERAMICA catalog is directly available.

The AZTECA CERAMICA catalog is available in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, and German