What is ApliCAD UpdateBIM?

ApliCAD UpdateBIM is a Plugin for Autodesk Revit that allows you to manage and share your families centrally. You can easily update your families and all users who are using them will have the option to update them in their projects.

Management of your families

When we upload a new family to the plug-in, we process it and obtain different data that we can edit later. These data are the name of the family, the associated image and the types. The plug-in allows us to choose the types that we want to appear and also to associate an image to each of the types of the family.

In addition, if we have an .rvt file with system families, the plug-in recognizes them and allows us to select both types and materials that appear in the file.

Analysis and search for families in your Revit project

When analyzing the project with our plug-in, you will have a list of inserted elements as well as the quantity, floor plan and room in which they are located. The plug-in allows you to search in your drawing for any element you select. The search is performed at the room level or, alternatively, at the floor level.

Besides being able to analyze the elements of the project, from this same window, you can insert the same element that is already inserted or even a different type of the same family.

With this tool, a user can easily manage the families inserted in a project, search them quickly and add new ones if needed.

Share and use your families

Once you have your families organized in the plug-in, you can share them with other users so that they can make use of them in their projects.

In addition to your families, you will be able to access manufacturers’ family catalogs that are public or family catalogs that have been shared with you.

Once you have found the family you want to insert, you only need to select it, choose the type you want to insert and by clicking on the type, you will have it available to insert in your Revit project as many times as you want.

Want to learn more? Check out the playlist below, where you will find a series of short videos where we show you how the plug-in works.

Download the plug-in. It is free

ApliCAD UpdateBIM 2.3.5 para Autodesk Revit 2019 o superior

Plugin para la creación y gestión de las familias de Revit permitiendo compartirlas con otros usuarios.

Compatible con Autodesk Revit 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 y 2024