ApliCAD UpdateBIM It is a PlugIn for use in Autodesk Revit that allows you to manage both system and insertable families efficiently.

This PlugIn is free for those users who consume the information, and has a cost for those companies that use it to publicize their products, or to use their families privately in the projects in a centralized way.

In this new version, many advantages have been incorporated, both in the Autodesk Revit PlugIn and in the administration platform in the web environment.: https://updatebim.aplicad.com

Among the improvements we can highlight the following:

    • Revit group management. It is now possible for groups of Revit families to be stored in UpdateBIM, even when the families belong to more than one manufacturer.
    • The parameters of the families in Database. This feature allows the search for any object to be performed based on the internal parameters of each of the families.

    • Improved web interface. It is now possible to copy and/or move items between different folders.
    • WEB interface shows public catalogs. With the integration of the web environment with family insertion, public families can now be browsed from the web environment and inserted with a single click into the open Revit project.

ApliCAD UpdateBIM is compatible with Autodesk Revit 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 y 2023.

About of ApliCAD

ApliCAD has been an Autodesk Developer of Record (ADN) since 1997 and has developed a broad set of custom applications and commercial products in various fields.

Currently, a preferred area of development is in Autodesk Revit, on which different programs and applications have been developed that integrate said product in companies in a more efficient way.