Madersenia – Autodesk Inventor programming

Logotipo Madersenia

ApliCAD has developed an adapted Madersenia Project Manager (Gesproy) version and has solved the following issues:

  • MADERSENIA is a company located in La Senia (Tarragona) furniture manufacturer and a very large presence in the contract sector oriented mainly to the hospitality industry.
  • ERP system has a very tailored to your needs and geared primarily to control cost of different production operations.
    In the contract sector for hotels there is a lot of competition and margins are tight, so that a tight economic valuation must be done to win the operation.
  • The workload in the Technical Office for the generation of offers is very high and the times of generation of very short offers, so cost estimates can not be made with the tools available to them, generating uncertainty, and getting the cost actual project once produced.
  • To solve this problem, ApliCAD has developed a complete set of tools based on Autodesk Inventor that allows the generation of supply with reduced considerable time (from days to hours) and a very accurate estimate of the cost of production.
  • In addition to specific programming in Autodesk Inventor, we have developed a comprehensive Project Manager that facilitates the management and coordination of all users involved in each project.

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