LABS is a showcase of work from our developers that we thought you might like to see. You will find links in each of the projects so you can try them out and if you wish, contact us for more information.

ApliCAD UpdateBIM

ApliCAD UpdateBIM is a free Plugin for Autodesk Revit that allows the search of families provided by Autodesk. ApliCAD UpdateBIM allows the management of families in terms of search and insertion of the same in the project in a simple and intuitive way.

It has a function ‘Analyze Project’ that allows us to visualize the elements that are included in the Revit project, in addition to giving us the number of elements inserted by each type. It is also possible to insert elements in the project using this interface.

Download ApliCAD UpdateBIM

Configurador 3D

ApliCAD has developed a prototype of 3D Configurator oriented to any sector where interaction with 3D models is necessary.

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ApliCAD Forge

In ApliCAD Forge you can share your design files.

It allows you to upload DXF, DWG, RVT and IPT files so that clients and partners can see your designs.

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