We are Autodesk Software Developers We are distributors and developers of ZWCAD From ApliCAD we offer consulting services
in the selection of the best CAD CAM and GIS
systems adapted to each need.
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Members of the Autodesk Developer Network since 1997

CAD Systems solutions using the tools that best meet the needs of each client.

ApliCAD has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) since 1997 

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ZWCAD Distributors and Developers

ApliCAD is an Authorized Distributor and Developer on ZWCAD, a CAD system compatible with AutoCAD that has a permanent license policy and many users prefer compared to the rental-only option used by other manufacturers of CAD systems. 

ZWCAD 2021

GIS Solutions on AutoCAD MAP 3D

Sistemas GIS y Catastro

ApliCAD has developed multiple solutions oriented to GIS management and especially tools for Cadastre management using AutoCAD MAP 3D as a Base 

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BIM Solutions on Autodesk REVIT

ApliCAD has been developing BIM methodology in many of its projects, preferably using Autodesk Revit as a platform. 

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BIM - Autodesk Revit

ERP Integration with Autodesk Inventor

Enlace con Sistemas ERP

ApliCAD has developed multiple customized solutions that allow the integration of the Technical Office with ERP management systems. 

In some of these developments the Autodesk Inventor API has been used. 

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ApliCAD Interior – Creation of virtual environments

ApliCAD began with the project of a ceramic materials configurator for an important company in the ceramic sector in the province of Castellón.  

The work developed generated a completely autonomous application called ApliCAD Interior, which allows a ceramic materials store to showcase a 3D project easily and quickly. 

ApliCAD Interior
ApliCAD Interior

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Since 1997 providing IT solutions to processes within companies.

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