GIS Solutions

Since the creation of ApliCAD in 1997, one of the main sectors of activity has been associated with GIS systems, and the generation of personalized tools that facilitate the tasks of managing large volumes of information that allow an adequate management of related GIS data with sectors such as Cadastre, Basic Cartography, service companies, etc.

In addition to the use of programming on AutoCAD MAP 3D, the use of map servers has made it possible to generate information based on GIS systems, on data that can be consulted by users without the need for expensive and difficult-to-use tools.

The projects based on the desktop platform for the management and maintenance of cartographic databases have been developed using Autodesk MAP 3D and Autodesk CIVIL 3D as a basis. 

GIS Programs


ApliCAD CARTO is a GIS project manager that facilitates the management of many maps and provides a unified cartographic base for cadastre, urban planning, works, infrastructure, street mapping.


ApliCAD eCARTO is a web map server developed on top of MapGuide Open Source that allows web publishing of the developed projects.


ApliCAD WMS is an App for iOS devices that allows the connection and visualization of any WMS server.

Catastro Programs


ApliCAD DIGCU1 complies with the regulations of the General Directorate of Cadastre for the generation of cadastral sketches in FX-CC format.

ApliCAD FIN2006

ApliCAD FIN2006 is a database application designed to maintain, consult and manage real estate cadastral data.


ApliCAD IEC is a database module designed to maintain, consult and manage the cadastral files assigned by SEGIPSA.


ApliCAD RCAT covers all the needs to work with incident maps and generate the files and forms required by SEGIPSA.

ApliCAD Urbana

ApliCAD Urbana enables the loading, editing and maintenance of urban cadastral cartography in FICC-MUC format integrated with FIN-DGC urban real estate data.

ApliCAD Rústica

ApliCAD Rustica enables the loading, editing and maintenance of rustic cadastral cartography in FICC-MUC format and the processing of data from the FIN-DGC file.

ApliCAD VisualCU1

VisualCU1 is a stand-alone viewer designed to easily consult and print georeferenced cadastral sketches in FX-CC format.