It’s free for guest users

ApliCAD UpdateBIM has no cost for the users you invite if said users create their own library and stay within the parameters of the FREE version (5 users and 20 Mb of information). The use of public libraries and to which you have been invited is free.

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How to increase the volume of Data or Users

To have more users or space than those offered in the FREE version of ApliCAD UpdateBIM, you must contact ApliCAD using the email and indicate the complete information of the Company, as well as the relative data for the issuance of the corresponding invoice .

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What is the payment process

The payment is made on the users or data consumed during the month. On the 1st of each month, an extract of the users and data consumed in the previous month is made and an invoice is issued for the amount consumed. This invoice must be paid before the 10th and the payment method can [...]

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