Export to HULC

Exporting to the HULC XML format is done using the Export to HULC command. When executing the command, the user is prompted for the name of the export file. The system automatically proposes the same name as the Autodesk Revit file. 

In HULC, the file structure and where they are found is determined by the program itself, which proposes a folder to place the different project files. 

Usually the projects installation folder is:


Thus, it is only necessary to indicate the name of the project to export. 


If an existing file is selected, the system will display a warning message before proceeding to overwrite the file. 

It must be taken into account that the information that will be overwritten is only the geometric part of the model, as well as the structure of the different materials that make up the construction solution, respecting the information about the facilities or other information added by the user from the interface of HULC.