ERP – Technical Office Connection

ApliCAD has developed link projects between the Technical Office and the ERP Management systems.

One of the needs that have grown the most in recent years is to connect the information of the production processes in real time so that the information generated by the Technical Office in the designs is put into operation in the production processes improving the ” time to market “of the product and avoiding errors in information management. 

The projects done by ApliCAD allow easy linking of systems that have been generated based on any of the CAD systems that we currently commercialize with the ERP system available to the client. To facilitate these “links” we have used from direct integrations using the APIs of each of the systems, to systems that allow the generation of interchange files that one system writes and the other reads.

Among these different integrations we can highlight the connection with Microsoft Dynamics AX, with SAP and other similar ERPs.

If you want more information about how ApliCAD can help you to be more productive in your company, contact us and we will be happy to contribute the experience of more than 24 years in systems integration.