CODICER 95 – 2015

Logotipo Codicer

Whether it is in the download area update Bookstore manufacturer CODICER 95 for ApliCAD Interior.
SERIES included:
1920, Abadia, Arizona, Arte, Basalt, Canaima, Canyon, Heritage, Hidraulico, Milano Hex, Pompei, Retro, Stratos, Vintage, Wood 3D, Oban, Suomi, Kansas, Oak, Gudar, Carraca, Brooklin, Olite, Verin, Quartzite, Quebec, Ginko, Fosil, Agata, Arcadia, Concret, Urban, Gaudi, Monocolor, Nagpur, Textil, Traffic, Fantasy, Provenza, Stone Cream, Textile, Patchwood,Tarimas, Burgos, Cairo, Cappadocia, Limerick, Rapolano, Duomo, Marble, Pacifico, Pisco, Siroco, Cotto, Segorbe, Tecno, Cement, Docks, New York.

If you have active subscription, you can download the library directly and run the installer, updating the items from this manufacturer. Note that the update adds new elements and simultaneously eliminates the manufacturer marked as obsolete.

Press here to download the library. Remember that you must have Active Subscription Agreement.


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