First Access to ApliCAD UpdateBIM

The first time any of the Plugin buttons is used, the system will ask us to identify ourselves using the login and password.

If we do not have a valid email and password, we can use the “Sign up” link, where it will send us to the ApliCAD website where we will register.

It will be necessary for us to indicate a valid email and password of our choice. If the email is already registered, we can request that you remember the password, so that the system sends us an email to generate a new password

We will click on Register and if the email is not registered, the system will show a message at the top indicating that we must access the email account to validate the address.

If we try to enter ApliCAD UpdateBIM without the account being active, the following message will be displayed:

If the account is active, and we access the Cloud Access menu, the system will show the following screen:

Where at the top appears the message “0 (email) files are displayed. So, we already have the active system for our user.

Cloud Access

If we access using the button   the management palette will open, indicating the active library that corresponds to that of the user.

If we select the drop-down menu, we will obtain a list of all the catalogs available to my user, specifically the user’s catalog should appear, those that ApliCAD has generated as public use catalogs and the catalogs to which they have been invited.

For example, if we click on the Autodesk ESP catalog, we access the available content prepared by Autodesk.