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ApliCAD UpdateBIM

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Open New Features in V2 ApliCAD UpdateBIM


ApliCAD UpdateBIM is a Plugin for Autodesk Revit that allows you to centrally manage and share your families since they are stored in the Cloud.

Some of the features that ApliCAD UpdateBIM provides:

  • You can invite other users to use your families at no cost to them.
  • Families can be updated easily and all those users who have projects using your objects, may or may not update to the latest version.
  • The analysis tool allows obtaining in a simple way a list and a very simple tool to insert the objects already existing in the project.
  • At all times you know the cost of using the Plugin depending on the number of invited users and the volume of data used.
  • The FREE version allows up to 5 users and 20 MB of Data.

Cloud Access

Find the object to insert

In ApliCAD UpdateBIM, there are different product catalogs, in addition to the user catalog.

Once the desired element is found, we can insert it, simply selecting the desired Type from those included in the Object.

In addition to inserting object families, we can use .RVT files and directly insert system families such as walls, floors, etc …

Maintenance of users and families

In the Content Manager, you can invite as many users as you want to use your objects.

Just by entering their email, the guest will be able to use your objects and have them updated when they occur.

Project analysis

Analyze the elements of your project

Our project analyzer that incorporates the plugin, allows the user to know what elements, how many and where they are within the project.

Finds elements in the drawing

With a simple click, our plugin will look for the element you have selected in the drawing.

Insert the same element

You can re-insert objects that are already in the drawing or even insert a different type that is available in the family.


Start free, pay as you grow

In ApliCAD we are flexible and as there are several types of clients we have separated the cost of services into 2 sections, cost per number of users and cost per Volume of Information in MB.

Prices by number of Users


  • Up to 5 Users


6Monthly / User
  • Up to 10 Users


5Monthly / User
  • Up to 50 Users


4Monthly / User
  • > 50 Users

Prices by Volume of Information (MB)


  • Up to 20 MB


0,6Monthly / MB
  • Up to 100 MB


0,4Monthly / MB
  • Up to 500 MB


0,2Monthly / MB
  • > 500 MB

Various Calculation Examples:

  • Company with 5 users and a volume of information of 102MB
    • Free User Fee = 0 €
    • Professional Data Rate = 102MB x 0,4 = 40,8 €/month
      • TOTAL = 40,8 €/month
  • Company with 15 users and a volume of information of 80MB
    • Professional User Rate = 15 x 5 = 75 €
    • Standard Data Rate = 80MB x 0,6 = 48 €/month
      • TOTAL = 123 €/month
  • Company with 75 users and a volume of information of 800MB
    • Enterprise User Fee = 75 x 4 = 300 €
    • Enterprise Data Rate = 800MB x 0,2 = 160 €/month
      • TOTAL = 460 €/month

Tools included

Features Free Standard Professional Enterprise
Cloud access
Project Analysis
Content manager
Mass load of families
Upload users with CSV
Email support
Online connection support
Access usage statistics
Using the API 100 100 100 0 (*)

All prices are per month and do not include taxes

(*) – Users who are in the Enterprise category in the Users and/or Space mode have the use of the API included in the monthly fee.


It’s free for guest users2021-08-15T09:34:15+01:00

ApliCAD UpdateBIM has no cost for the users you invite if said users create their own library and stay within the parameters of the FREE version (5 users and 20 Mb of information).

The use of public libraries and to which you have been invited is free.

How to increase the volume of Data or Users2021-08-07T11:58:26+01:00

To have more users or space than those offered in the FREE version of ApliCAD UpdateBIM, you must contact ApliCAD using the email aplicad@aplicad.com and indicate the complete information of the Company, as well as the relative data for the issuance of the corresponding invoice .

What is the payment process2021-08-07T11:56:22+01:00

The payment is made on the users or data consumed during the month.

On the 1st of each month, an extract of the users and data consumed in the previous month is made and an invoice is issued for the amount consumed. This invoice must be paid before the 10th and the payment method can be by transfer or using a Credit Card, as specified in the service contract signed with ApliCAD.

You want to know more? – Watch the videos in the following playlist


ApliCAD UpdateBIM for Revit 2.2

Plugin para la creación y gestión de las familias de Revit permitiendo compartirlas con otros usuarios.

Compatible con Autodesk Revit 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 y 2023

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