Project Analysis

The Analyze Project tool is always operational regardless of the type of Rate available, therefore, its use is always useful to obtain information about the Project.

If we open for example the example drawing that is distributed with Autodesk® Revit®, we will obtain the following list of objects

Como podemos observar, el listado de elementos incluye en el caso de familias anidadas un listado del primer nivel, indicando las cantidades de cada uno de los objetos.

Where at the top, we have the option to make filters based on the family, Type or Quantity

Another interesting function of Analyze Project is to be able to visualize the elements and to be able to search for them in the project. For example, if we select the object “Table-Night Stand”, we see that there are 9 units and that all of them are in the room “Lobby 318”

So, if we click on the label of the room, the program will zoom in on the objects and also select them

If we also “double click” on the selected row, or select the Type, the program will ask us for the insertion point to place another instance of the object in the project, so that, when the action is finished, it updates the information of the object , adding 1 unit in the room “Media Review3”

In the upper case, the “Table-Night Stand” object appears as an object that is not the Cloud, the behavior is the same in the lower case, where the object appears with the row in light green indicating that it is an object of the cloud and therefore has additional features such as the update in the event that the manufacturer makes changes.