Content Manager

Add families to our library

One of the main objectives of ApliCAD UpdateBIM is to add families to our library, so that they are safe in the cloud, and we can use them in any project, in addition to being able to share them with any user that we designate.

Families can be added to the library following a folder logic as if it were a directory structure. As can be seen in the Autodesk ESP Object library:

Thus, in our library, we can use the buttons that appear in the lower left part of the content manager to create a level structure based on the type of family.

The buttons are active or not depending on the current selection of the user. In the initial moment, only the Create Main Level Folder button is active.

Once we have a level created and that level is selected, we can register our first Family.

For example, we register the Doors category and the Add button is activated in the lower right part.

In this case, we are going to select a family. rfa, which has several types:

The program analyzes the information, and allows us to modify the following aspects of the family before it is discharged:

  • Family name that will be shown to the user from within Revit
  • What types do we want to be added to the database. By default, the 17 available for this case are marked. We can uncheck any of them, leaving at least 1.
  • We can modify the images for each of the types.
  • We can modify the default image that has been generated of the family by an image, for example, more commercial, or representative.

Once we click on OK, we can access the Cloud Access tool and check that the family with the selected types is available to insert it into any project.