App language

In the configuration screen, the user can modify the language, choosing from those available in the dialog box:

When you click OK, the system will show the language change.

Cost graphs of the application

These graphs are a way to see what the evolution of the services used in the application is and are important for those users who have a different rate than the FREE one, and who therefore incur monthly costs that they must attend at the end of each month.

There are 2 graphs, which indicate User consumption and Data consumption, in the example, we have used a maximum total of 5 users and in the case of data, we have exceeded the 20 MB threshold of the FREE rate.

As can be seen, in the user’s section, a cost forecast of 0 appears as it is at the maximum of the FREE rate.

In the case of data, if a cost appears, for having exceeded 20MB of the Data of the FREE rate. In this case, when there is an increase in the volume of data generated with the upload of the last file, the user will be notified of this incident and offered the option to contract additional space or to indicate that the file should be deleted.

At the bottom, the “See Calculation” button appears, where you are directed to the ApliCAD web page that explains the different rates that you can buy.