ApliCAD has developed since its creation in 1997 multiple applications that, based on Autodesk products, have been applied in the areas of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

In recent years, ApliCAD has specialized in programming based on Autodesk Revit, generating from Custom Projects in order to solve the needs of a client to the generation of a commercial product that facilitates the energy performance certification of a project developed using Autodesk Revit.

Our plugins for Autodesk Revit

The appearance of the Technical Building Code known as CTE has been one of the most important changes in recent years and reinforces the need to carry out any type of activity in an environmentally friendly way.

The use of this plug-in is the easiest way to obtain the certification of the building designed with Autodesk REVIT.

ApliCAD UpdateBIM is a Plugin for Autodesk Revit that allows the management of families in a simple and efficient way. Families can be shared with other users and allow standardizing their use in organizations where users want to use the elements of a normalized list.

If there are changes in the families, these are made instantly available to users so that they can decide to update and have the latest version.

It has an “Analyze Project” function that allows us to view the elements that are included in the Revit project, as well as giving us the number of elements inserted by each type. It is also possible to insert elements into the project using this interface.