ApliCAD VisualCU1 LT


VisualCU1 is a standalone viewer designed to easily consult and print geo-referenced cadastral sketches in FX-CC format. It is a “stand-alone” product, that is, it does not require other software to function, being a perfect complement to Tax Management applications to which it adds that much-needed graphic component. 


VisualCU1 operates directly on the cadastral FX-CC files without the need for AutoCAD, and allows the property’s photographies to be automatically included in the cadastral sketch printing.

VisualCU1 allows direct searches of cadastral sketches, both by cadastral reference and by marking filters by address (street and number). By admitting parameters, it is also possible to link it to your tax management applications to view the general and significant floors of the cadastral parcel you have selected and thus facilitate the recording of data on uses, volumes and surfaces. 

Integrated product with the rest of the ApliCADGIS Cadastral Suite applications: DIGCU1, URBANA, RUSTICA, FIN2006 and the ApliCADGIS e.CAT Cadastral Map Server. 


  • Autonomous viewer of cadastral sketches, FX-CC. 
  • Distance and surface measurement tools.
  • B / W or color sketch printing. Batch printing.
  • Searches by street and number and by cadastral reference of FX-CC. 
  • It allows grouping the surfaces of the FX-CC by uses.
  • Printing Model 6 associated with PRC works, cadastral regularization.
  • Network licenses


ApliCAD VisualCU1 LT– Prices

It is sold as an Annual Rental mode, including Technical Support. 



APLICAD VisualCU1 R.9 para FX-CC (28 de diciembre de 2022)

VisualCU1 es un visualizador autónomo diseñado para consultar e imprimir con facilidad croquis catastrales georreferenciados en formato FX-CC. Producto integrado con el resto de las aplicaciones de ApliCADGIS Suite Catastral: DIGCU1, URBANA, RUSTICA, FIN2006 y RCAT. Compatible con Windows 11