ApliCAD RCAT is a database and document management module, which is used as an autonomous tool in Cadastral Regularization Processes, PRC.

Aplicad RCAT and in combination with Aplicad CARTO2MAP (mapping module), covers all the needs to work with incident maps and generate the files and forms required by SEGIPSA, as well as the FOIIC file for incident delivery. 


Aplicad RCAT is designed to fully address the different phases of PRC work, from the collation of the incident map to the generation of Model 6 (PDF) from the SAUCE and FXCC recording files. It also generates other documents required at the level of incidence by SEGIPSA (Accreditation report of the date of alteration, Declaration signed by the interested party, Request of the interested party, Request for access to the farm …) 

ApliCAD RCAT allows generating the database of incidents for PRC jobs from the loading of the DETECAR software maps provided by SEGIPSA, and manages these by integrating the FIN-DGC information necessary for their optimal management, ownership and construction information, avoiding unnecessary data entry by operators. 

Aplicad RCAT is designed to streamline PRC work as much as possible, it has routines for mass loading of information (eg: photos of the facade of the municipality) and mass generation of documentation for delivery to SEGIPSA: Model 6 and forms. It has tools that allow data validation, both from the FOIIC and the documentation at the incident level, according to the SEGIPSA delivery regulations, ensuring the success of the work and avoiding unnecessary work. 


  • Loading the DETECAR incident map and generating the FOIIC format. 
  • Creates the directory structure required in the projects and in the PRC delivery. 
  • Integrates FIN-DGC data in the incident database. 
  • Table mode editing, which allows changes in bulk. 
  • Documentary management of the files of cadastral incidents. 
  • It has connection and data loading of public roads from the DGC’s Web services. 
  • Mass loading of documentation by cadastral reference. 
  • Loading of SAUCE files.
  • Generates Model 6 massively and other PRC documentation. 
  • FOIIC validation tools and incident documentation. 


ApliCAD RCAT – Prices

It is sold as an Annual Rental mode, including Technical Support. 



Base de datos para Trabajos de Regularización Catastral.

Base de datos para gestionar los trabajos de regularización catastral. Este módulo, en combinación con ApliCAD CARTO2MAP (módulo de cartografía) y ApliCAD FIN2006, cubre todas las necesidades para trabajar con los mapas de incidencias y generar los ficheros y formularios exigidos por SEGIPSA. Para el intercambio de expedientes catastrales con SEGIPSA, también tenéis disponible en nuestra web ApliCAD IEC.