ApliCAD Interior


Designed by ApliCAD, ApliCAD Interior has the necessary tools to create virtual environments, allowing the integration of any library of ceramic material, wood, marble… and additional elements, such as furniture, decorative objects, etc. 

The ease of use and the speed in obtaining results have been the key points in the development of ApliCAD Interior. In this sense, the user has a series of very intuitive tools, such as the placement assistant, automatic material calculation, zone control or 3D visualization in real time, which greatly speed up the creation of projects, thus achieving greater sales efficiency.

The multi-catalog system makes it possible to have materials from different manufacturers in the same environment. Currently there are more than 50 active catalogs and it is also possible to create own catalogs by the user in a very simple way, from images in .jpg format. 


Designed for the use of manufacturers’ libraries at points of sale, ApliCAD Interior represents a fundamental advance in customer decision-making speed.

ApliCAD Interior has been developed specifically for shops, manufacturers of finish materials and interior designers, providing them with a tool that gives greater efficiency to the company.

ApliCAD Interior is an integrated solution for the design of rooms. It allows the placement of flooring and cladding in an easy way for the user, being possible to see in real time how the chosen material looks, as well as being able to place other objects in the room such as doors, windows and also furniture models to give it a more realistic appearance.

In addition to this, ApliCAD Interior offers the best compatibility for those who want to obtain a high quality image, or even a video, for this, ApliCAD Interior can be integrated with Autodesk 3DS Max.


Immediate productivity

The learning time to use ApliCAD Interior is minimal, since the 2D concept applied to the rooms defined by the software allows, at all times, the management of the areas easily and instantly. All you need to do is press a button to achieve quality dynamic 3D rendering.

Major efficacy 

The characteristics of the software allow the information on the geometry of the room to be independent to that of the material applied, which facilitates the reuse of the designs made. 

When the client decides on a room created, it is only necessary to modify its geometry to adjust it to the real specifications. The material will automatically adapt to the new room. 

Added features in the latest update 

  • Warehouse of projects in the Cloud.
  • Share projects and personalized material libraries with other users of the company regardless of their location.
  • Projects can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.


The simplicity and flexibility of the software allows you to achieve high-quality results incredibly quickly. 

Among other things, ApliCAD Interior users can:

  • Create a drawing of the floor plan of the room, being possible to include curved walls, as well as sloped ceilings. 
  • Place flooring and wall finishes easily, being able to see how it looks in real time.
  • Place other construction objects in the room such as: doors, windows, walls, etc.
  • Modify in real time each material chosen while also updating the quantities of each.
  • Obtain drawings with measurements of the material for each wall and floor.
  • Place complementary 3D objects such as: sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc.
  • Work with multiple catalogues of manufacturers and even create your own catalogue.
  • Place lights in the room and obtain a realistic 3D feel and even create a walk in real time inside the room plus also obtain high quality images in .jpg format to send to Clients along with the pricing.


ApliCAD Interior – Prices

It is sold in rental mode, including the Technical Support as well as all the Updates.

Access to the shop and be a user of ApliCAD Interior


Video on how to create a complete project with ApliCAD Interior


ApliCAD Interior

Diseñado por ApliCAD, el producto ApliCAD Interior dispone de las herramientas necesarias para la creación de ambientes virtuales, permitiendo la integración de cualquier librería de material cerámico, madera, mármol… y de elementos adicionales, como por ejemplo muebles, objetos decorativos, etc.