ApliCAD Interior Update

An update of ApliCAD Interior has been released. Main New: improves the behavior of the program with the different placements of ceramic material currently available.

Treatment of multiple images with a single reference.

In this version you have removed the limit of 10 pieces per reference, so that ApliCAD Interior can now automatically use any number of images referenced as parts of the same reference. This feature is especially useful with detonated materials, or with decorated materials such as those available to the manufacturer Equipe Ceramicas in its recently updated Catalog. As an example of this feature, we can place pieces in hexagon shape to for example simulate the following placement:
Imagen del Catalogo de Equipe Ceramicas

To facilitate this random placement, the manufacturer Equipe Ceramicas has provided us with up to 20 images:

Conjunto de 20 piezas de la misma referencia

Using the “trabada” position together with the Offset X and Y.

ApliCAD Interior automatically and randomly places the set of pieces generating a very realistic image:Actualización de ApliCAD Interior - uso del material.

If you need more information to use this feature you can contact us at: aplicad@aplicad.com


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