ApliCAD IEC is a database module designed to maintain, consult and manage the cadastral records assigned by SEGIPSA to companies in IEC format (Exchange of Cadastral Records). 

The system can also be used as an autonomous file management tool as it allows the user to create and manage their own parcels. 


ApliCAD IEC works with a DB that stores SEGIPSA orders, which are created from the * .iec files provided by this entity, including the specific PRC orders. 

It has specific automatisms to optimize the workflow, such as table mode editing and mechanisms to make massive changes in fields of the DB table while maintaining the integrity of the data.

For the treatment of PRC parcels, it has a tool that integrates the information from the FOIIC and SAUCE of ApliCAD RCAT. 


  • Table mode editing, which allows massive changes.
  • Management of partial parcels
  • It allows the treatment of specific PRC parcels, integrating the ApliCAD RCAT data. 
  • Generates folders in A3 of the cadastral files 
  • It allows the application of filters in the massive treatment of the data and in the export to IEC format.
  • It has connection and data loading of public roads from the DGC’s Web services.
  • Generates a report showing the list of files with their respective price calculated from the rates set by SEGIPSA.
  • Status reports on the management of the files of an order 
  • Network licenses


ApliCAD IEC– Prices

It is sold as an Annual Rental mode, including Technical Support. 



Módulo para el intercambio de expedientes catastrales con SEGIPSA.

ApliCAD IEC es un módulo de base de datos diseñado para mantener, consultar y gestionar las expedientes catastrales que asigna SEGIPSA a las empresas en formato IEC (Intercambio de Expedientes Catastrales). El sistema también puede emplearse como una herramienta autónoma de gestión de expedientes ya que permite al usuario crear y gestionar sus propias encomiendas. Modulo complamentario de AplicadGIS Suite Catastral: DigCU1, FIN2006, Urbana y Rustica.