ApliCAD FORGE Project

ApliCAD has developed a viewing platform for this file using the Forge technology developed by Autodesk.
This platform allows any user to upload files of most existing 3D formats on a web viewer.
This display is browser-independent and can be used on mobile devices.


The aim of ApliCAD with this Portal is to provide a set of tools that can be customized for any production environment that is required to consult 3D models and integrate them into management systems and other platforms where it is important to keep the information model 3D for consultation by the authorized company personnel.


Currently the portal is a prototype, which features will be added and is freely accessible.
This developed in English.
You can upload files in RVT, DWG, FBX, 3DS, DXF, IGS, Solidworks and many other formats.

As a test platform, you’re welcome to use it and comment on it.

You can access the following link: http://forge.aplicad.com

For any questions or doubts in use, you can call +34 964 724 870 ApliCAD the phone or send an email to aplicad@aplicad.com



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