ApliCAD FIN2006


ApliCAD FIN2006 is a database application designed to maintain, consult and manage the cadastral data of urban, rustic and special characteristics real estate according to the technical prescriptions of the D. G. del Catastro (FIN-DGC). 

ApliCAD FIN2006 maintains the physical-economic and legal information based on an administrative file and has a powerful import module that integrates the data from the assessment papers (PONUR-DGC), from public roads (VIAS-DGC) and notaries.

ApliCAD FIN2006 generates the export formats that the collaborating entity must provide to the D.G. of the Cadastre (FIN2006 Entry, VARPAD, registry …). 


ApliCAD FIN2006 performs the maintenance of physical-economic and legal information based on an administrative file, generates registrations and changes from FXCC, validates the entered data. 

ApliCAD FIN2006 has a powerful import / export module that integrates, among others, the data from the assessment papers (PONUR-DGC) and generates the export formats that the collaborating entity must provide to the DG of the Cadastre (FIN2006 of Entry , VARPAD …) 

ApliCAD FIN2006 integrates a reporting module that allows to generate cadastral data sheets, owner property files and declaration models (901, 902, 903 and 904). Regarding the rustic parcel, it generates the cadastral certificates, the list of plots and sub-plots, the relationship of owners and co-owners and the relationship of owners and parcels of polygons. 

ApliCAD FIN2006 integrated with ApliCAD URBANA – RUSTICA allows to jointly manage alphanumeric data with the cartography of the cadastral parcel, make inquiries in both directions and generate cadastral files of the plots. As well as making the crossings of the cartography with the alphanumeric data and generating reports with the results obtained. 

ApliCAD FIN2006 linked with VisualCU1 allows you to easily consult and print cadastral sketches. 


  • Maintenance of FIN2006: registrations, cancellations, modifications, records, final situations…
  • Multi-used editing
  • Generation of declaration models
  • Data validation. Results report (htm)
  • Automated location of detected errors
  • Managing the history of a record
  • Editing aids: cumulative filters, queries, duplicating records…
  • Report of crossings of the alphanumeric database with the cadastral parcel
  • Integrated in ApliCAD GIS Suite
  • Linked with Visual CU1 and v.CAT
  • Automatic generation of registrations from FX-CC


ApliCAD FIN2006 – Prices

It is sold as an Anual Rental mode, including Technical Support.



ApliCAD FIN2006 es una aplicación de base de datos diseñada para mantener, consultar y gestionar los datos catastrales de los bienes inmuebles urbanos y rústicos (FIN-DGC) y calcular las liquidaciones. Incluye nuevo módulo ADVR para trabajos de normalización de datos catastrales. Integrado con AplicadGIS Suite Catastral: DigCU1, Urbana y Rustica. Requiere MS Access o SQL Server (MSDE).