ApliCAD DIGCU1 complies with the new regulations of the General Directorate of Cadastre for the generation of cadastral sketches in FX-CC format.

It has tools that facilitate the structured entry of information and perform topological checks and automatic counting of surfaces by uses. It generates automatic layouts and includes the file information.

Imagen 1 DIGCU1


ApliCAD DIGCU1 takes advantage of the environment and the powerful tools of AutoCAD MAP, incorporating a work methodology that speeds up the digitization of CC documents as much as possible, being easily parameterizable, since it takes into account possible variations in cadastral coding, so it can be entered quickly and easily. 

Imagen 2 DIGCU1

ApliCAD DIGCU1 automatically assigns the graphic characteristics (type of line, layer, color, etc.) of the entities to be digitized and manages the topological structuring and error detection processes.


  • Guided and structured scanning
  • Automatic bug fix
  • Topological checks and calculation of surfaces
  • Guided coding tools
  • Automatic counting of surfaces by use
  • Automatic layout
  • Directory structure
  • Includes file information
  • Inserting of JPG images
  • Export to FX-CC format
  • FX-CU1 to FX-CC bulk conversion routine

Requires AutoCAD MAP 3D, or CIVIL 3D

Imagen 3 DIGCU1


ApliCAD DIGCU1 – Prices

It is sold in rental mode, including Technical Support and new versions derived from regulatory changes, or from the required Autodesk version. 

It is required to have AutoCAD MAP or AutoCAD CIVIL.


APLICAD DIGCU1 R.9.3 x64 para AutoCADMAP versión 2016 - 2023

Aplicación para la elaboración de croquis catastrales georreferenciados en formato FX-CC. Permite la creación tanto de los documentos en papel como la exportación a FX-CC de las parcelas de urbana y rustica. Incluye un nuevo módulo para los trabajos de coordinación Catastro - Registro de la propiedad que genera parcelas/edificios GML. Requiere AutoCAD MAP o CIVIL 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023 (64 bits). Integrado con VisualCU1, FIN2006, Urbana y Rustica.