ApliCAD presents the information exchange plug-in between Autodesk REVIT and HULC. 

The appearance of the Technical Building Code known as CTE has been one of the most important changes in recent years and reinforces the need to carry out any type of activity in a way that is respectful with the Environment. 

Using this plug-in is the easiest way to get your Autodesk REVIT designed building certified.

In recent years, ApliCAD has developed the Autodesk Revit Export plugin to LIDER, so with the regulatory changes and the appearance of the HULC program it is necessary to adapt the export plugin to the new application. 


With ApliCAD CTE HULC the tedious task of drawing the geometry and assigning materials to the different layers of the architectural solutions of any building is made easier. 

As you work in Autodesk Revit, the solution of the different encounters, the collaboration with other departments of the Office, or just the simple fact of having functions such as Undo make the process of energy certification of the building easier. 

Even in cases where it is an energy certification of an already built building, it is easier to create the building in Revit to pass it and calculate it in HULC. 


It is installed on Autodesk REVIT and a new menu called ApliCAD CTE appears, which contains the necessary buttons to work with the application. 

From inside Autodesk REVIT it is possible to access the HULC’s own materials database, so that the system is transparent for the user and allows the consultation of the original HULC materials. 

The relationship between Autodesk REVIT materials and those of HULC is made only once, so that we can have the necessary relationships stored in the REVIT template to work directly with construction elements that already have the HULC information. 

During the export process, the system validates that the geometric information of the architectural model is correct and that it has all the information necessary to perform the analysis in HULC. 

The resulting file is a file in HULC’s own format. It is this file that we must open with the HULC software. 

This Plug-In is compatible with Autodesk REVIT version 2019, 2020 AND 2021. 


ApliCAD CTE HULC – Prices

It is sold as rental mode, including Technical Support and new versions derived from regulatory changes, or from the required Autodesk version. 

Access the shop, ON-LINE to adquire the license.

ApliCAD CTE HULC is a Plug-in that requires to be installed over Autodesk Revit 2019, 2020 o 2021


ApliCAD has agreements with training centers that allow us to have the best tools to obtain the best return on investment in the use of our solutions. 

The approved centers have the latest versions of the programs and are constantly trained by ApliCAD personnel. 

In ON-LINE Training, a collaboration agreement has been reached with Espacio BIM,  in which ApliCAD has actively participated for the preparation of the content of the  e-learning course for ApliCAD CTE HULC, from Revit® to LIDER CALENER.

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