ApliCAD is ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) since 1997.

One of the advantages of Autodesk products is having a complete API (Application Program Interface) that allows the customization of design solutions generated by Autodesk, facilitating the adaptation of the different tools to each of the users’ needs.

This way, for example, AutoCAD can be a drafting software that is used to generate drawing plans for buildings, mechanical parts, ships and any element that requires the generation of planimetry.

ApliCAD, as a company specialized in computer services very oriented to the Technical Office, has used the programming capacity of the different Autodesk products as a fundamental part of its business and has generated from solutions tailored to the client to, for example, specific products for a sector. 

Our developments for Autodesk software

In addition to custom programming for our customers, ApliCAD has developed a series of proprietary programs or plugins for use in Autodesk tools.