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ApliCAD appoints ADAPTA Management Services as Authorized Partner for ApliCAD CTE HULC.

ApliCAD CTE HULC Is a PlugIn for use in Autodesk Revit that facilitates the export of the geometric and material information of the generated 3D model, thus avoiding having to draw that information again in the HULC program.

This process greatly facilitates one of the premises of BIM technology, ie, that the model is unique, preventing changes in the model can be made in more than one platform. So the goal is that all design information as well as material assignment be done in Autodesk Revit, leaving the HULC program alone the task of energy calculation.

ApliCAD as a manufacturer of the ApliCAD PlugIn CTE HULC has been making it easier for the PlugIn to be used in education centers for the training of technicians in BIM systems.

ADAPTA Management Services has acquired ApliCAD CTE HULC Training licenses and has opted to include this PlugIn in its BIM Technology Training courses.

About ADAPTA Management Services

Adapta Management Services is a multidisciplinary company that focuses on the new digital media and technological services in the AECO sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance). This has allowed us to become the first specialized firm in BIM and Management in the Southern area of Spain.


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