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    ApliCAD CARTO is a general purpose GIS projects manager designed to facilitate the handling of large volumes of concurrent maps from various sources and provide a unified basis for cadastral mapping, urban planning, construction, infrastructure, street ... Read more

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    ApliCAD Interior

    ApliCAD Interior has the necessary tools for creating virtual environments, allowing the integration of any bookstore ceramic, wood, marble ... and additional elements, such as furniture, decorations, etc. Read more

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    ApliCAD 360

    This application is mainly oriented to real estate, so that on a full draft of a house, the user can easily modify the different materials, eg soil, and other parts of the rooms. Read more

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    ApliCAD FIN2006

    ApliCAD FIN2006 is a database application designed to maintain, check and manage cadastral data of urban property, rustic and special features as the technical requirements of the D. G. Cadastre (FIN-DGC). Read more

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    ApliCAD eCARTO

    AplicadGIS e.CARTO mantain structure and keeps original appearance of your sets of maps and topics organized in series and can apply cartographic scale ranges for activation and automatic display. Read more

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    ApliCAD WMS for IPHONE

    This free application is available on the Apple App Store allows connection of any WMS server, discharging the connection settings for each server. Read more

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    ApliCAD CTE

    DB-HE1 - Limitation of Energy Demand: the plugin has implemented exchange of information between Autodesk Revit and LIDER. Read more

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Gestión de Mapas de Incidencias en trabajos de Regularización Catastral

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ApliCAD is a Graphic Software Development Company since 1997. It has extensive experience in developing graphical projects.

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